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Continuous casting products

Slabs are mainly marked on the side or front areas by the SPRAY systems, melted wire spray or powder spray, when they are in the C.C. run out area. As alternatives, Green Project proposes also punching machines (by HAMMER system) and paint marking machines ( by TEMA Mono or TEMA Multi).

Characters marked by melted wire SPRAY are very clear and readable and resist very well outdoor; same characters marked by powder SPRAY, which is a cheaper system, also appear very clear and readable, but long storage is preferable indoor.
For these characters a reading system capable to read directly OCR letters and numbers is available.
Being no contact marking systems, they can equip both standard machines (fixed marking units or moveable along floor rails or portals) and robots for excellent flexibility of operation and reliability. A special robot application is available to mark slabs “on fly” at casting speed. If scale is present on the slab surface, it must be removed before marking; Green Project can supply both mechanical and water jet devices.

Characters marked by a PUMA HAMMER unit are smaller, but permanent; marking time is very short. They do not need descaling units; operational and maintenance cost is also very low .

TEMA paint spray machines are mainly used when slabs are required to be marked during movement or in case of cold/warm applications before further processes.

• Powder SPRAY for slabs

• PUMA HAMMER for slabs

• ROBOT Powder SPRAY for slabs

• ROBOT Wire SPRAY for slabs

• TEMA MULTI for slabs

• Wire SPRAY for slabs

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Hot & Cold rolled products
Continuous casting products


Paint/ink marking system for hot and cold products

Punch marking system for hot and cold products

Wire / powder spray marking system for hot products

Automatic reading system for green project marking technologies