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Modern production processes require the tracking of the products along the entire cycle; the interest is focused on the combined systems for automatic marking and reading of the identification codes. Green Project is capable to propose “turn key” integrated solutions, starting from the definition of the system requirements, in cooperation with the Client, till the start up of the devices.
The automatic reading systems produced by Green Project are designed in order to read all the types of symbols marked with its own machines (letter, numbers and mono / bi-dimensional codes).
Applications can be in fixed position (the code is read when the marked product passes in the reading station (f.i. at the entrance of a furnace) or portable, where a scanning pistol is used by an operator to recognize the products (f.i. in a storage area or during the loading of a vehicle).
Some models are custom, i.e. they are integrally designed and fabricated in Green Project's laboratory for a specific application; other models are configured or personalized commercial products for reading Bar Codes or Data Matrix codes; in both cases the experience of Green Project in the steel industry assures excellent performances and reliability in the most severe conditions.

Custom applications mainly include:

  • optical systems for recognition of letters and numbers written by TEMA and SPRAY marking systems
  • optical systems for tri-dimensional recognition (the technology used is the optical / laser triangulation) of bar codes, letters and numbers written by PUMA HAMMER punch marking system.

AURS for TEMA and SPRAY are based on an optical device in conjunction with a software image processing application capable to decode both characters defined by a continuous line and data matrix codes.
AURS for Hammer is supplied in two models: for fixed installation (stand alone) or portable.
The first one consists of a combined optical / laser device which moves in front of product driven by a brushless motor on a precision guide. During the movement, the product surface is line scanned and re-constructed in a 3D map. Post processing analysis extracts the code for product identification.
The portable unit is a hand-held device: the scanning is started by the operator after positioning the unit in front of the product. Data are collected and then transferred to ERP/MES systems by USB port, Ethernet or wireless (Wifi) connection.

Some personalized applications complete the Green Project range of products for reading:

  • bar codes marked by TEMA HP
  • data matrix paint marked by TEMA Multi or TEMA Mono
  • data matrix pin stamped by PUMA Speedy or PUMA Mono

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