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SPRAY Spot/Line Marker for Defects

The device is designed for easy and reliable identification of Continuous casting hot products by a white, well visible, spot or continuous line obtained by our SPRAY marking unit.
The device is mainly used to certify the product has passed quality tests or to identify the first/last piece of a batch. Being very simple, it can be integrated in the plant with minimum effort.
The system assures excellent reliability (its operation is totally free from danger of clogging also after long periods of stand-by).

Main Marking Features
  • Hot application up to 1200 °C
  • Static or dynamic spraying up to 12 m/s.
  • Positioned on the front or side surface
  • Very fast response time - useful for precise spot placing

System Configuration
  • One or more SPRAY unit
  • Support with precise adjustment of position / rotation to adapt to the various products;
  • Pneumatic cabinet
  • Powder supply unit

Functional features
The command of "start spraying" to the solenoid valve can be given by the customer process automation or by a photocell (or other sensor) of product detection.

Optional functions
  • Time setting of the "marking start command" (manual or automatic) according to product speed and / or required marking position (head, tail, middle)
  • Automatic adjustment of spray time according to product speed and required marking length
  • Photocell for product detection
  • Automatic detection of product dimension and position (centering device)
  • Product speed measurement system

Powder features
  • Type: metal base powder
  • Colour: white
  • Toxicity: not toxic
  • Consumption: from 5 to 10 g/m

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