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Hot & Cold rolled products

Pipes are considered high value-added products, often used in critical conditions and with significant aspects related to safety; for this reason the constant control of the production processes and the traceability of the product during its whole life cycle are key factors for assuring a high quality level and the best operation.
Green Project has developed a complete range of automatic marking / reading units which can assure a safe and reliable traceability in accordance to the applicable international standards (API, GOST, etc.); specifically they are : paint marking / punching machines for hot process and finished pipes (both outer and inner surfaces) and couplings; colored bands marking machines for finished pipes; combined WMS systems for measuring, weighing, and marking finished pipes

Paint marking is mainly by TEMA Multi, due to the short time required; punching is by PUMA Speedy, capable to mark “interrupted dot type” characters at very high speed. Colored bands are marked during pipe rotation by a group of multi-color TEMA sprayers.
Some special machines are robots which have a TEMA Mono or a PUMA Mono marking unit fixed to the wrist capable to paint mark or pin stamp “handwritten type” letter and numbers.

These complete range of application makes of Green Project the real expert of pipe marking.

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Hot & Cold rolled products
Continuous casting products


Paint/ink marking system for hot and cold products

Punch marking system for hot and cold products

Wire / powder spray marking system for hot products

Automatic reading system for green project marking technologies