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Robot PUMA Mono for Pipe Chamfer

Green Project offers a unique solution consisting of a Robot for punching the pipe chamfer using its PUMA Mono unit. Robot machines are more flexible than standard machines as they can be easily updated / modified in order to satisfy new marking requirements.

Main Marking Features
  • Cold and Hot application up to 750 °C
  • Static (pipe stopped under marking machine)
  • Marking position: circumferential on the pipe chamfer
  • Symbols: letters, numbers, special characters (logos), Data Matrix code
  • Characters are composed by a sequence of dots generated combining the high precision trajectory of the robot wrist with the high frequency percussion of the pin
  • Height of symbols from 5 mm to 20 mm, in one line

System configuration
  • Six axes Robot
  • One PUMA Mono marking head
  • Pneumatic cabinet
  • Power and control cabinet
  • Work cell with safety fence
  • Control desk with HMI
  • For hot applications, the system is equipped with a kit for thermal protection

Functional features
Automatic adapting to different pipe dimensions
Automatic detection of pipe position
Automatic detection / marking of circumferential zero position
Host connection (Ethernet, Profibus or other common industrial fieldbus)

Optional functions
  • Tools for editing fonts and modifying parameters
  • Marking a Data Matrix code readable by a standard reader (combined marking / reading function to achieve automatic tracking of pipes)

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Phone +39 010 6001802 • +39 010 6048932 • Fax +39 010 6500189 • • P.IVA 03539080105

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