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WMS for pipes, is the Green Project complete and integrated solution, according to API standards, for measuring, weighing, tracing coloured bands, paint marking and pin punching pipes at the exit of the finishing lines.
The main marking features and the system configuration of each marking subsystem is detailed on the corresponding application data sheet (Tema Multi for Pipes, PUMA Speedy for Pipes, TEMA Multi for Coloured bands).

System configuration
  • Entry roller line with length measuring and weighing system
  • Pipe rotation unit with 1 or 2 carriages equipped with TEMA Multi for coloured bands
  • Walking beam with hydraulic supply unit
  • Pipe supports
  • Bridge structure equipped with:
  • one carriage with TEMA Multi marking system
  • 1 or 2 carriages with PUMA Speedy punching unit
  • Main Power and Control Cabinet
  • Control Desk with HMI

Functional features
Integrated automation system for full automatic operation.
Flexible automation functions assure precise positioning of the markings along the pipe at one or both ends, tracking of pipes in the measuring / marking station.
Printing of packing list.
Management of batch order.
Management of short and rejected pipes.
Integrated HMI (based on standard SCADA) for management of production data and diagnostic informations.
Host connection (Ethernet, Profibus or other common industrial fieldbus).

Optional functions
Supply of technological parts only (without pipe handling).

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