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Hot & Cold rolled products

Green Project produces the complete range of marking machines for plates: paint spray marking by our TEMA Multi, static or during plate conveyance, in hot and cold conditions, static punch marking in hot and cold conditions by our PUMA Speedy, static side edge marking in cold conditions by Ink Jet device.
The marking machines can be in single arrangement or combined, and the structures can be cantilevered beams or bridges crossing the conveyor line, with one or more moveable carriages. A special application for marking “handwritten type” characters by a robot handling a TEMA Mono is available.
In general hot and as rolled plates are marked on top (and sometimes also bottom) surfaces with few numbers for tracking during the production cycle; finished plates are marked with several data, including logo of the producer, shipping marks, etc. for after sale traceability; side edge marking, including a bar code, is specifically useful for automatically identfying plates when stored in piles.
Our automatic reading units (AURS), fixed or portable, are available to read a Data Matrix code or directly the letters and numbers.
Printing and automatically applying a label and dot punching a sample are additional solutions which complete the Green Project global offer for plates.

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Hot & Cold rolled products
Continuous casting products


Paint/ink marking system for hot and cold products

Punch marking system for hot and cold products

Wire / powder spray marking system for hot products

Automatic reading system for green project marking technologies