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Line Marker for Tinned Strip

The system is designed to identify the differential coating for tin plated steel strip. The marking technology is based on the impression of a pattern of lines obtained by the “ on fly” application of a solution of water and sodium dichromate by means of an arrangement of rotating rubber rings. The machine is designed for use in harsh industrial environment.
The unique feature of this system is that the manual replacement of the rings assembly is no more necessary for changing the pattern of lines. The machine is capable to automatically change the pattern according to the command received by the plant automation.

Main Marking Features
  • Marking position: top surface, bottom surface or both
  • Pattern of lines: as required by the Norms (typical 1/2" pitch)
  • Line width: 0.5-1 mm width
  • Marking speed: up to 350 m/min.

System configuration
  • Machine structure (with motor driven rings roll, wetting roll and transferring roll)
  • Sodium Dichromate solution circulation & supply system (entirely made of stainless steel)
  • Pneumatic cabinet
  • Control cabinet

Functional features
Automatic selection of marking pattern (typically 5 configurations are used with line spacing ½", 1", 1½", 2" or 3" )
Marking rings rotation speed accurately synchronised with strip speed
Host connection (Ethernet, Profibus or other common industrial fieldbus)

Solution features
Composition: typical 4% Sodium Dichromate in water

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