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Ink Jet for Strip

This system marks "on fly" characters defined by a dot matrix on the surface of metal strips, in high speed finishing lines. The marking technology is based on ink jet for big (DOD) or small characters. The machine is suitable for use in harsh industrial environment and uses special fast dry inks applicable also in presence of oil or moist.

Main Marking Features
  • High marking speed up to 650 m/min
  • Symbols: letters, numbers, special characters (logos), mono or bidimensional codes
  • Height of symbols from 5 mm to 120 mm, in one or more lines
  • Font based on dot matrix: from 5 up to 32 drops in height
  • Positioned on both strip faces

System configuration
  • Machine structure available in various configuration:
  • Bridge to be placed across the line (typical to mark horizontal strip)
  • Jib structure to be placed aside the line (typical to mark vertical strip)
  • One or more ink jet marking heads
  • Carriage with controller for precise positioning
  • Pneumatic cabinet
  • Ink feeding group
  • Power and control cabinet
  • Control desk with HMI

Functional features
Automatic positioning of the head(s) along strip width
Strip automatic metering
Marking repeated lengthwise with adjustable frequency
Many parameters can be adjusted / selected by the operator via Control Unit, f.i.:

  • Characters dimension (width, compression, height)
  • Sample marks managing
  • Head / Tail Strip special data management
Host connection (Ethernet, Profibus or other common industrial fieldbus)

Optional functions
  • Strip speed detection
  • Strip edge detectors
  • Strip oil/moist cleaning
  • Drying system for marked characters

Ink features
Colour: Black, dark (basic), yellow or white
Ink type: various also washable
Consumption: up to 100.000 chrs / liter according to the character size

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